Topic: Another Chumby gutted

Just completed my second Chumby enclosure.  This time I gutted my existing tan leather chumby - sort of a shame, the leather is still intact and I could possibly reverse it.

My company, Buzztime, makes games you play in bars.  We have a device called a "playmaker" that players use to enter their answers.  So of course we've got a bunch of old, broken, rejects sitting out in the warehouse.  I snagged one that was bound for the dumpster, and tore it apart.

The keyboard doesn't work - except the start key, that I wired to the squeeze button.  Had to cut the screen out a bit - my plastic-cutting skills aren't the greatest.  But I did the the spare board mounted properly, and the speakers with holes drilled under. … 541456063/

Original gutsy: … 779983822/