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Topic: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

just wondering in the future... if i screw up the os on the chumby or i want to "reformat" would i be able to do this using the usb drive updates?


I actually needed to do this. i bought it then updated over the air, and the alarm wouldnt change volume... so did a "reset to factory defaults"

Re: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

also another point is what if i replaced the microsd with something larger like an 8gb? then could sftp to transfer music over to the chumby rather than having to use a flash drive?

when it scans for music files does it look in the home folder?

Re: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

A "restore from factory defaults" restores /psp and deletes /mnt/storage/, which will then get recreated when you reboot.

The chumby doesn't run an SFTP server, but you can copy files over using scp.

If you want to replace the SD card, you can just forego copying the SD card you have in there right now, and go grab the 1.0.3 ROM image.  Use either dd or win32image to write it to an SD card, put it in the chumby One, and power it up.

I believe the My Music Files looks in /mnt/usb/ and /mnt/storage/ for music files, though Duane will need to comment on that.

Re: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

Yes, it should look in both places.

Re: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

thank you! i'll look into it all

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Re: (solution) playing music from internal MicroSD & "reformatting" chumby

sorry if this has already been posted but for the nubs like me out there.

enable sshd from "about chumby" then press pi symbol
use putty to connect

once you're in the chumby via ssh or by plugging a keyboard into it

df -h

chumby:/# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p3          118.2M     96.0M     16.1M  86% /
tmpfs                    29.2M    596.0k     28.6M   2% /tmp
none                     32.0M     76.0k     31.9M   0% /var
none                     32.0M         0     32.0M   0% /mnt
/dev/mmcblk0p5          122.0M      4.1M    111.8M   4% /psp
/dev/mmcblk0p6            1.4G    191.9M      1.2G  14% /mnt/storage
none                     32.0M     44.0k     32.0M   0% /dev

/dev/mmcblk0p6            1.4G    191.9M      1.2G  14% /mnt/storage
is the line you'll be looking at. see i've got 1.2gigs free


to connect to the chumby scp port 22

put music on

as confirmation it does look on /mnt/storage for music. If you plug a usb drive in it will read from both the storage and usb drive. Mine was showing all songs but wouldn't play files on external drive, but after pressing eject and reopening the "my music files" it played from both