Topic: Chumby One - From US to UK, my experience

Since a lot of people seem to want to know shipment times etc I thought I'd share my experience.

Chumby One Order Date - 11/11/2009
Cost $124.90

Money charged to bank account - 20/11/2009
(Showed up on 23/11/2009 as the 20th was a Friday).
Cost $124.90 at 1.605 = £77.80
+ £1.50 Service charge.

Note through the door saying it had arrived in Dundee, Scotland and I needed to pay customs charge: 07/12/2009
(Got note through the door after the office shut so could not pick it up same day sad.)

Date Collected form post: 08/12/2009
Customs Charge: £12.47

On the Chumby Box, it had shipped date as 20/11/2009.
It arrived in London, at HM Revenue and Customs on 03/12/2009
On Box - VAT was £4.47
Royal Mail International Handling fee - £8
Total - £12.47

I think that the charge would have been more if it wasn't the value on the box being reflected value.

All in Total - £91.77
Total Time to Door - 3 Weeks

Definitely worth the wait. I had an exam this morning but was more interested on getting my hands on my Chumby One.
I then had some problems hooking it up to my Network. In the end it worked with a static IP and switching on and off immediately when it got to the wlan0 error.
An update later and I am now listening to Hot 108 on Shoutcast.
Bit disappointed with the speaker but that has been pointed out already I think.

Thanks everybody at Chumby. I love my One. big_smile

Re: Chumby One - From US to UK, my experience

Glad you posted this. I'm not too far from you (Northern Ireland) and also ordered on the 11th November but haven't recevied my Chumby One yet. Was starting to get a bit concerned since no tracking for international orders, all I knew was mine was dispatched quite some time ago and US people ordering around the same time have had theirs for quite some time.

That's good news about the custom charges, I'm hoping mine are the same. I don't mind paying VAT so much but the £8 (about $13-14) surcharge for the post office to do nothing but delay delivery really annoys me.

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got mine today

currently listening to pandora

so cash

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Starting to get worried about mine. Ordered on the 11th November like the OP but still no sign, not a lot I can do without tracking information which isn't available for international orders for some reason.

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I'm sure no cares but my Chumby one ordered on the 11th November finally arrived today. Might be coincidence but I went and queued up at the local post depot this morning and magically the note was delivered this afternoon. As with OP, small customs charge but £8 processing fee from the Royal Mail.

Re: Chumby One - From US to UK, my experience


I ordered mine on the 4th Dec, just a little too late for shipping to the UK before Christmas.  The Chumby One was shipped on the 17th Dec and arrived safely on the 5th Jan.  There were no UK customs charges, which may be due to the new increased limits which came into effect on the 1st Jan 2010 or I may have just been lucky.

I had some problems setting it up which I've posted elsewhere, but I'm now a happy Chumby user.