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Hi Everyone,
I recently purchased the Chumby guts thru the Makershed, and wanted to give the little guy a unique home.
I found an old radio that looked perfect for the job, and got the Chumby mounted in the old speaker grill.
Now for my question, has anyone hooked up a kit amp to the output of the Chumby?
I have been looking at
Its a stereo 2X25W amp kit. Would this work ? any other suggestions
Thanks, Here is what it looks like so far

Re: Accessory Hardware Advice, Pls

This should work fine, as long as you're wired up to the headphone output of the chumby. The input sensitivity of the kit is rated at 320mV, and the chumby is capable of outputting a bit more than 1Vp-p on the headphone output, so you may find that you have to hard-wire the volume down a bit either by putting a resistive divider on the line between the two or just being careful and not turning the volume up too high on the chumby control panel.

Looks neat! Good luck.

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Re: Accessory Hardware Advice, Pls

This looks pretty cool - please post some bigger pictures when you're done!