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1 way audio on the chumby is cool, but has anyone figured out how to make it a 2-way thing? It would be neat if one could talk back and forth between two chumbies.

I assume that we can figure out how to get 2 chumbies to generate a "record voice" stream and connect to the each other's stream to play the sound on the remote chumby. I actually have this working quite nicely with a Panasonic web cam streaming the audio and played on the chumby itself.

I see two problems that I have not been able to figure out yet:

1) does the chumby have enough horse power to both play and record? and
2) how do you filter out the playing from getting into the recording voice stream? Of course, you could plug in headphones, but I would rather not.

Any thoughts?


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Probably it would be better to do this in a (to use a radio engineering term) half-duplex mode. I seem to to recall that the top switch generates a key press? So it could be the PTT switch.

It does seem so bizarre that Flash Lite 3 can't do this...

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unwiredben's solution works fairly well for me for listening from a laptop, bit more smooth with the following:
arecord -f S16_LE -r 8 -c 1 -N
(so mono and low sample rate)
if there is a delay, it is caused by buffering on playback side: usually setting the buffer time low helps...
(tried for windows media and totem player in linux)

I wonder: any news on whether proper mic support is coming to flash lite?

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So, in the beta Flash Lite 4 player, any chance the mic might be brought to life through a widget??



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tnx for the advice unwiredben

it works with my vlc

is there a possibility to reduce this electornic noise?

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I was looking for a post talking about capture audio from Chumby's microphone and streaming it over the network to a PC. I tried with some of your suggestions

Mainly, I have tested with:

arecord | speexenc - - | nc [ip_of_other_computer] [port_of_other_computer]

But without using Speex (I don't have the toolchain installed right now and I want to make a first quick&dirty approach).

I was able to send the audio from the Chumby to my laptop, but the problem is with the audio speed.

The audio reproduced with aplay in my laptop sounds at a lower speed. This is a problem because, if I kill the sending process in the Chumby, it takes a while to stop playing it on the laptop side.

I tried with several options passed to both sides, printing verbose output in both sides and comparing the audio properties, and I don't know why my laptop is playing at this speed.

I tried too to store the captured audio in a file into the Chumby filesystem and then copy it with SCP to my laptop, but the problem still remains.

The only way to get it working properly was capturing the audio to a file with "-f cd" option. The generated file was played perfectly on the laptop, but it is so big to be able to send it over the network like I pretend.

Can this problem be related with the fact that I have Pulseaudio installed on my laptop? Maybe some version incompatibility of arecord and aplay? Will I forget about this problem using Speex?

i know it's a very old thread, so any help will be appreciated :-)

Best regards and thanks in advance