Topic: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.8.19

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website and reboot your chumby.  To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect "Control Panel" (without the "Beta") and reboot your chumby.

You should review the release notes for Control Panel 2.8.17 before using this beta.

If you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.8.19
Release Date: 3/10/09

Summary: Enlarges "DARK" button, adds dismissal of active snoozes, adds new date format, fixes dim/dark easter egg, adds custom alarm ring screens.

Night Mode:

* increases the size of the "DARK" button.


* adds explanatory text to the music timer screen, renames the enable checkbox


* add "STOP SNOOZE" button, which will cancel an ongoing snooze
* swaps the "STOP ALARM" button and the time in the alarm ring screen to separate the buttons
* time display on ringing alarm respects the 24 hour mode setting


* adds value "dateFormat3" for key "dateFormat0" which sets up the date editor for "YYYY/MM/DD" format, commonly used in Japan

Easter Eggs:

* Fixes the ScreenManager events as documented in the 2.8.17 beta release

* adds support for an external alarm ring screen.  Many people want to add puzzles or create different button layouts, so the Control Panel now supports a "pluggable" alarm ring screen.  This is, of course, done in Flash.  The Control Panel is looking for the presence of and will load the file "/mnt/usb/alarmring.swf".  Upon launch, the movie will have an object on its main timeline called "_chumby_alarm" which has two function properties, "snoozeAlarm" and "stopAlarm".

In the simplest case, a movie would have two buttons, "snoozeButton" and "stopButton", and the handlers for these buttons would probably be something like:

this.snoozeButton.onRelease = function() {

this.stopButton.onRelease = function() {

* adds a "playLoop" event to the UserPlayer - it will play a particular file indefinitely:

<event type="UserPlayer" value="playLoop" comment="/path/to/file"/> // play the file 100,000 times