Topic: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.8.8

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website on this page and reboot your chumby.  To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect "Control Panel" (without the "Beta") and reboot your chumby.

If you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby.

Control Panel 2.8 requires firmware version 1.6 or later to support many of its new features.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.8.8
Release Date: 9/22/08

Summary: Adds Pandora music player, experimental redesign of main screen to support a volume slider.  Also adds support for user-defined music players and translations of Control Panel text.

Main screen:

* adds volume slider (we are aware of the artwork inconsistency)
* removes "HIDE CONTROL PANEL" button
* the little wireframe chumby is "hot" to return to the widget playback

Music Player:

* adds Pandora music source
* adds support for external user-defined music sources, documentation and sample source code coming soon.


* adds Pandora alarm source


The Control Panel can now be almost entirely translated to languages other than English, through the use of XML files.  There are some restrictions, however - most buttons and some text fields in this version of the Control Panel will not resize based on the size of the content - this means that one must find translated text that is roughly the same size as the original English.

See the wiki page Translating the Control Panel for more information on this topic.