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Topic: Lots of stuff for Chumby!

I got Scratchbox working with the Chumby toolchain, and set about porting a bunch of stuff.  I've created a zip file with a dongle image on it.  Extract it to the root of your USB dongle and reboot.  This dongle contains the following software programs:

* fbcon driver - connect a USB keyboard to Chumby and use it as a Linux terminal
* bash - Version 3.2.0
* vim - Version 7.2
* emacs - Not sure what version; I'm a vim guy
* nano - Also not sure what version, but here for completeness smile
* tcpdump - Had a request for this one
* nethack - Caution: uses a very tiny font
* screen - Useful for simulating multiple terminals
* Various and sundry linux utils (fsck.vfat, cal, rev, etc.)

This was mostly an exercise in Scratchbox.  Most of this software was installed by running ./configure --prefix=/mnt/usb/usr/local && make && make install.  Detailed build instructions are on the wiki, under the article Scratchbox.  For fbcon, I modified it to remove the calls to reinitialize the display, as that seems to break it.

The resulting zip file is about 64 MB.