Topic: webcam sample code

Hi -

I'm having some difficulty with the webcam sample code.

I continuously get "Problem with content: 6 - bad image data" when I use the samplecam code as is - but pointing to my server.

I have a crossdomain.xml in the root directory.

the images are viewable as

These images are exact copies of the ones from the samplecam 'turtle bay' site.

This bug appears in some google help indicating that possibly the images are too large - but that's not it.

The webserver is reasonably tightened down but since these are available via http on the internal network, I wouldn't imagine the http.conf setting are a problem.


Thanks, H.B.

Re: webcam sample code

I'm not sure what changes you've made to the widget, but it's expecting all the images to come from the exact same URL.  They are loaded successively into different movieclips with different names, which cycle to front.  This is to avoid a blank screen between loads.

I suspect your widget isn't working because the URL it's actually fetching from is generating a 404.