Topic: 8+ hr battery pack for $31.42, no mods needed.

inspired by a make magazine blog article I saw, I decided to try this: … amp;sr=8-8

It is currently listed on for $31.42

It ran for about 8+ hours with full brightness on and widgets cycling every 10-15 seconds, although it was not playing any sound at the time. It showed a cpu load average of about 2.5 (as reported by uptime).

I'll retry it next week with sound on (I didn't think about that)

I didnt do any sort of mods ... just plugged it right into the back.

I plan to use my Chumby to drive a little robot around the room as a demonstration for a programming course I am teaching ... and this powerpack will probably work just fine. It is conveniently shaped, and so I am hoping I'll be able to cobble together the robot, battery pack and chumby with velcro and/or duct tape :-)

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Re: 8+ hr battery pack for $31.42, no mods needed.

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