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Topic: Setting screen brightness

Hey all,

Just received my Chumby this afternoon and it's obvious that I've already been playing with it all day.
I was just wondering if anyone already tried setting the screen brightness. I can't seem to get it to work. Not from the control panel and not from a widget.

Anyone got it working and is willing to share the code to see what mistake I made?


Re: Setting screen brightness

The brightness stuff is a little flaky at the moment.  The problem is that the hardware currently has a very non-linear range.

We're redoing all that for the production units, so I wouldn't spend any time on it.

Re: Setting screen brightness

I noticed that if you set it from the control panel, it doesn't change.

And once it does get working, a great widget would be one that comes on for a second, alters the brightness based on ambient light, and goes away.

Re: Setting screen brightness

I have a flickery alpha chumby...bunnie said it might have something to do with the sensor...the Chumbians will figure it out soon, I'm sure. smile

Looking forward to seeing your stuff, Webkitchen!