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Topic: Pre Purchase EULA wrap on Chumby AND a Eula on activation

To clarify for the people who cant seem to realize that the Chumby is a value-added service based device... have an ugly EULA that clearly states that there ARE/will be ads on the chumby and make them agree to this point SEPARATELY when they 1. go through the order process of the chumby and 2. Go through the activation process... You agree that the Chumby is a network based device and that the content provided from chumbys servers is a Service paid for by adventiser revenue... YES NO.. and if they dont agree... let them puchase it after reading a We are not responsible for providing service to your chumby though we may assist you at our discretion clause.... And during activation offer this up again, and flag chumby id's that say NO and allow them to activate but do NOT allow them access to anything other than the base control panel and firmware... allow them to revoke this restriction by logging into their chumby account and re-agreeing to the ads

It hurts me to say this.. but im sick of the ungrateful and rude customers who keep saying. Well I wasn't told.

And to be blunt honest, the ads ARE non-intrusive.. They dont blare audio unless you intentionally play them... so they wont disturb your bedroom chumby. That alone deserves points for considerateness and class.

More on the Ad whining see...

Re: Pre Purchase EULA wrap on Chumby AND a Eula on activation

Also would like to see a refurb/redistribution program for these unloved and returned  chumbys, perhaps to be able to pick up a second one or to have one for hacking....

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Re: Pre Purchase EULA wrap on Chumby AND a Eula on activation

Well said, joltdude.  I agree.  I like the idea of flagging the chumby id's of those who opt-out and giving them access to only the control panel and not to the Chumby Network. 

I'm amazed at how the ads become a deal breaker for people.  I love my chumbys and am very thankful for the support of Chumby Industries, all the widget developers, and those individuals who have contributed to the Wiki.   It was also made very clear to me when I purchased my chumbys that ads would be on there.  I was curious to know what form the ads would take, but have not been disappointed or dissatisfied with the result. 

For me, it's more annoying to find drug advertisements that bisect an article in a magazine I'm reading than the ads on the Chumby.   I think those are more intrusive because I have to flip past them to get to the rest of the article.  If I wait 30 seconds, my Chumby moves to the next widget. 

It's a tiny minority of the almost 2300 forum subscribers who are complaining about the ads, so keep up the great work everyone.

Joltdude, you're not alone in your feelings about customers who fail to read the terms and agreement or do their research on the device.  Maybe if we start ignoring those posts, people will start to get the hint that this is a dead issue.  Of course, they would say that Duane, Steve, and everyone else at Chumby Industries were not responsive.

EDIT: Do the ads show up on the virtual chumby?  I have never paid attention to that, but maybe you deploy them there too so that people can "try" a chumby before they buy it.  Of course, there is so much more functionality with the physical device, but perhaps there's a way to illustrate on the virtual chumby how the ads work.

Re: Pre Purchase EULA wrap on Chumby AND a Eula on activation

The ads are often only 'dealbreakers' for people looking for an axe to grind. 

The question is whether chumby will eventually 'jump the shark' and start making the ads unacceptably invasive (like the crap that crawls all over the bottom 3rd of most TV programs lately).  Or whether their "selection" of ad materials becomes too controversial for the users (adult material on a child's unit, etc). 

Much like the horrendously annoying Chumby 101 tips, there's currently no threshold or demographic parameters that define what is or isn't appropriate for the chumby's viewers.  Some might prefer it remain that way, but without it there stands to be nothing but momentum-sucking bad press looming ahead.  With it, however, and we're one step closer to much more invasive advertising (would you like Guiness John Anderton?).  Damned if you do...