Topic: Suggestion for channel management screen

On, when you click to manage your channels, you get a page that lets you add or subtract channels, and also customize existing channels. When you change the customization for an existing channel, you don't get to see the changes; you only see a static image. You have to click to go over to My Chumby Dashboard to see what it looks like. And when you're there, you don't have any control over which widget is displayed or for how long. If you don't like the customization (don't like the colors, e.g.) you have to jump back to Manage Channels, tweak the settings, jump back to Dashboard, etc. etc.

If it were possible, it'd be helpful if the Manage Channels page also showed a virtual Chumby, just as is done on the Dashboard page. But always confined to showing a single widget. You'd need a way to indicate which widget you wanted displayed, granted; maybe that could be done by hovering the mouse over the widget of choice? Or maybe by a small radio button on each widget that you click to select--and doing so would automatically deselect all other widgets.

Thanks for considering this suggestion.