Topic: Perl for chumby!

Ken put together instructions to build Perl from source, plus a pre-built binary.

See the development tools wiki page.

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Sweet - thanks!


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UPDATE - the production chumby devices have miniperl built in.

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As an alternative to cross-compiling software for the Chumby platform with the help of a toolchain, you can also install a virtual environment compiled to run for the ARM platform.

This will allow you to compile Perl and other tools you might find useful on a Chumby. … For_Chumby

Below is a link to the instructions for building Perl to work on the Chumby.

Since cross-compiling it would be an extremely tedious task, we found a way to do it on an emulated ARM environment.

Considering that you followed the instructions on the page link above, and you have now a fully functional ARM emulator, you can build now Perl on it, then pack it and save it on an USB stick, ready to be used on a Chumby. … For_Chumby

Of course, we also make available the pre-compiled, ready-to-run Perl, with most common CPAN modules installed, for your convenience smile