Topic: List of widget additions

I'd really like to see a list of widgets sorted by the date they were added.

I log on occasionally to check out the new widgets, but the list of "10 newest widgets" isn't adequate to find all the new content since my last login (which could have been 3 days ago or 3 weeks ago).  A simple list of all widgets sorted by date would suffice. 

It would also be nice to sort the full widget list by user ratings, use statistics, and other stats.

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I agree

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Not sure how to address your other suggestions but this: will give you more than 10 new widgets sorted by date.

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Thanks Arachnid, for the links:

This is exactly what I was after, but I still can't figure out how to navigate to this page?  I can't seem to get there through Widgets-->browse and searching with an empty search term yields no results.  These were the intuitive places to look.

Maybe there should be a Widgets-->list link that brings the user directly to this link.