Topic: Specific Release Date?

So does anyone know the exact release date for Chumby? or if they're still "Beta" testing w/ the people from FOO?
Still very curious. Love it guys. Want one Guys. ?Hint? Guys....Thanks

(sorry) Man I love all this hype over a clock. OMG i really cant wait till day 1 release. Thinking of getting 2? (sorry)

Re: Specific Release Date?

sometime in the first quarter of next year, from what i heard.

need upload space for the forums or a chumby blog? right here then
username is chumby
password is chumby

Re: Specific Release Date?

It was originally Q107...but the latest is probably June...but don't quote me!

Re: Specific Release Date?

We've basically said that we expect to ship production units in "Spring of 2007", and that's what our current schedule defines.  However, it could move either way depending upon the availability of parts and manufacturing capacity, or technical issues.