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Hi everyone--for people who are interested, I have published the Toorcon 2006 presentation slides, where I teach people how to hack chumbys. They are in a .swf format, so in theory you can watch them on your chumby big_smile

Part 1
Part 2

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Re: Toorcon 2006 slides available

Very nice set of slides b ... nice legs too! *smirk*

Good to hear my Japanese must-eat-every-grain-of-rice skills are going to come in handy for circuit bending playtime...

I have to jump in and defend chumby here...the hardware boot may not be pretty but the software startup is a lot of fun...for those that haven't seen it, the little occy pokes his head out of various sides of the screen makes some blub-blub-blub noises and then swims across the screen to the centre, the word chumby appears...then he blinks his eyes and goes *blub* again...even more fun if you put your hands over the speakers to feel the sound...

And do you reckon you might be able to stop showing off your Euros? The holiday's over!! smile

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Sweet, I wish I could of gone, I am here in San Diego but as a student the price is quite steep sad


Re: Toorcon 2006 slides available

Same warp. But, at least the slides give us some nice information about the Chumby bootloader.

Re: Toorcon 2006 slides available

tongue i just looked at the pictures. ill have a proper read of it later.

im not gonna read the source code, cos im learnin c-sharp at the moment, and if i started reading c++ or c, its gonna confused me no end.

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