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Hi, Chumby looks great now theres some consumer grade software.

Any ideas when these will be available in the UK? Given the current US price, I'd be hoping for a UK price under £100 UKP including VAT sales tax, but I suppose I'd still buy one if it was £120...

I'm reluctant to have a US-based friend send one to me due to the rather random way that import tax is imposed on incoming goods!

Any news of a possible UK/European distributor?


Re: UK availablity

I notice quite a few are appearing on ebay uk - with bidders all over europe.

What's the deal with non-US distributors ? Is Chumby actively recruiting them or are they just waiting to see how the US market pans out ?

How many brits are on this forum ? Perhaps we should club together and get a batch imported - especially given how cheap dollars are at the minute :-)

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Re: UK availablity

A friend ordered mine and I picked it up when i went on holiday. Perhaps you have an acquaintance that could order/transport it for you? I know so many people who go to America each year, hopefully you do too?

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Yeah, mine was brought back by my girlfriend's friend who lives in San Francisco.

Given that presumably the bulk of people on this forum live in the States, maybe someone here could hook you up?

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I've got one for sale in the UK  in case anyone's still looking - ebay auction 180245708516.

I decided to replace it with a Nokia 770.