Topic: What's up with the advertising model?

I was ready to buy a few chumbies until I read something quite scary on the FAQ.  There will be advertising!  Inserted into my home in all chumby locations at any time!  Ok, the FAQ doesn't say that that will happen but it says that it could.  That's horrible.  I'm imagining a zen moment with my ambient video and soothing sound and a used car salesman start trumpeting!  Ain't going to work for me and I'm so disappointed because I was going to buy several.  Can I suggest a "premium" account say like $7/mo (like Ambient Devices) for those you get enough spam in their lives??


Re: What's up with the advertising model?

None of the ads are obnoxious. Basically, they consist of either a Chumby 101 (non sound making) widget, or of a video widget which won't play unless you tell it to, and will disappear after 30 seconds. The ads don't appear very often, either. You need not worry about a used car salesman blaring destroying your "zen moments."