Topic: 2 requests

1. in the RSS feeds for the widgets, can you link to the full path instead of the relative path. Google reader/homepage chokes on them on click.

2. Can we have a new forum section for Widget Development (Widgets description is for Existing Widgets).


-John Forsythe


Re: 2 requests

1. I will have to get back to you on this because this might affect some other readers as well as widgets.

2. Under 'Chumby Development' for forum 'Flash' is created specifically for this. I have renamed Flash/Widget to identify it more appropriately. Most questions in this forum have  been on how to get started in Flash to develop widgets. Thanks for the suggestion though hope it is more clear now.


JT Archie

Re: 2 requests

Thanks for the follow up JT

-John Forsythe