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Topic: Picasa widget screen goes blank

Overall, the new control panel rocks.  That being said, I also think that the new "Channel" page is a step backwards.  I'm not sure what advantage splitting the old channel page into 2 new pages has.

I did have 1 problem:

I was running a channel with the just the Picasa widget running.  I started a shoutcast music stream and exited out back to the Picasa widget which continued to run for a while, which was really cool I might add.  Then the Picasa widget stopped loading new pictures and left me with a white screen.  I stopped the Shoutcast music stream and still picasa would only show the white screen.  Even after reloading the Picasa widget channel it still would only show the white screen.  Rebooting the Chumby enabled the Picasa widget to function again.  Turning on Shoutcast again produced the same white screen error.


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**** update ****     This problem only exists with the Shoutcast stream.  All other streams and the music from usb work great. Picasa shows my photos, and even reloads any new pictures that I add, all while playing from all sources other than Shoutcast.  So I'm guessing it is a Shoutcast issue and not a Picasa widget issue.

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