Topic: New to Sony Dash - Having Issues With Finding Compatible Apps

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the Sony Dash, I came across one in a garage sale yesterday for $5.00!  I did lots of research on the device within the last 24 hours, watching youtube videos, reading this forum, and Reddit.  I was able to get Chumby on my dash with the LCARS theme and was able to get photos to slideshow in the small window, music to play, but couldn't get videos to show up from the flash drive after only getting them to show in the file browser successfully one time.  I paid for the monthly subscription and have started installing numerous apps, but I'm having a hard time finding ones that will run on the Dash. Most of them will say unable to load or connect.  I'm reaching out to see if anyone has a list of apps that are known to work on the device or if there is some sort of trick or script I need in order to get them to work.  My plan was to keep this in the kitchen, using it as a pseudo Google Hub or Amazon Echo Show.  Ultimately I would love to program some widgets/apps for it, but that won't be for a while as I would need to get familiar with flash.  I love the LCARS theme, I'm a huge Star Trek fan, and would really like to use more of the functions of the device. Thank you!

Re: New to Sony Dash - Having Issues With Finding Compatible Apps

Welcome aboard. There is a lot to learn and this is the place to do it. The Dash does play videos but not all. It has a very nice display for its time. It can play vids off a jump drive.

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