1,022 NASA Image of the Day

by n5csu

1,023 New widget: Container

by izar

1,024 new widget: isobotz

by kgchumbydev

1,028 Facebook widget -- extra "is"

by toddarooski

1,030 Widget localization techniques

by jforsythe

1,031 Daily Countdown

by gatorglenn

1,034 Email Widget: Deleted Email!

by Letsgoskatepool

1,035 Flickr Widget locking up

by anmarkle

1,038 Wdiget Comments...Come on People!

by GoodDoctor

1,039 Medicine reminders

by katkins

1,042 Skype Widget... ??

by ninavizz

1,043 Where's My public Widget?

by kwall50

1,046 random widget widget

by sevc

1,047 Gmail??

by Sandy

1,048 Google Calendar (again)

by wayn3w